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UPDATE – Will you build my …?

The short answer? Probably not, but thank you for your inquiry.

The longer answer?

  • We’re a (very) small shop.
  • We don’t intend to grow anytime soon.
  • We only book projects that (1) Joel is excited about and (2) the customer is very excited about.

Still interested? We are booked for 2022. We will again consider new projects starting in September 2022. Priority consideration given to (1) fun projects with (2) awesome owners who (3) understand that projects take as long as they take to get it right and (4) cost what they cost.

Think you might be a good fit? Send an email to, bearing in mind that we won’t be committing to anything new until September 2022. Tell us what you want to build, assure us of your patience and positivity levels, and inquire about how we do business so that when you receive an invoice, you are 100% confident that your money has been spent efficiently and with respect for your bottom line.

We have the world’s best customers and we plan to keep it that way! Thank you so much for your interest; we appreciate it.

This is an update to our prior potential project post found here.

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