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How to Swap a Cummins 6bt 12 Valve Diesel into a Chevrolet Suburban

You asked for it, and here it is: Our new 4-part series detailing the nitty gritty of doing the diesel swap for project Shrapnel. We love a Cummins swap project, and this one didn’t disappoint. In this playlist series, we walk you through the step-by-step how to of installing a Cummins 6bt 12 valve diesel into a Chevrolet Suburban.

This Cummins-swapped Chevrolet Suburban is ready to roll

Remember the Subruno?

For this project, we worked with our customer Joe to build a rig similar to the Subruno we built a few years back. You can learn more about that build here. We had so much fun building that rig that when Joe reached out and said he wanted one just like it, we were intrigued to say the least.

We were hesitant to take on another build though, because above all else, we’re a small shop by design, and we want to take excellent care of our existing customers. As a result, we don’t take on too many new projects these days. But after speaking with Joe, learning more about him and what he was looking for, we felt that he was such a good fit for the shop we just couldn’t turn him down.

Why “Shrapnel”?

And what’s with the rig’s name? Well, in addition to being an all around great guy, Joe is a disabled combat veteran who knows a thing or two about just that … shrapnel. Moreover, he’s also a retired police officer, current small business owner, and jokester extraordinaire. All in all, we loved working with Joe and are so grateful he reached out to us! Interested in hiring us to do your build? Thanks for the compliment! But … read this first.

Our newest Cummins swapped Chevrolet Suburban

We used our very own Adventure Vehicles NW products to bring this build to life. Doing your own Cummins swap? We want you to have all the tools you need to build your dream rig. Check out some of the products we used below:

You can follow the entire Shrapnel build process over on our Youtube channel here.