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Land Cruiser Cummins diesel engine swap – What products do we offer?

Land Cruiser engine swaps are some of our favorites around here. We even have the affectionately named “World’s Saddest Land Cruiser” rebuild that we’ll be showcasing on Youtube … someday.

While the World’s Saddest languishes just a little longer while we tackle some other projects, we wanted to put together a list of a few of the products we offer that just might help you along the way with your swap.

Check out our list below:

Engine mounts 

Transfercase adapter kit 

Land Cruiser transfer case
Transfercase Adapter Kit

High mount kit – Hint: Most Land Cruisers need a 1.5″ inlet WITH the 1/2″ NPT side bung

High Mount Kit

Voltage regulator kit

Unrelated to the diesel swap, but we’ve gotten a lot of love for our Universal Recover Brakcets (URBs). We were even featured in Toyota Cruisers & Trucks magazine! You can check out that article here.

And finally, as always, you can check out our Amazon affiliate page here for more ideas.

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