What is your return policy?

We accept new, unused parts up to 30 days after purchase.  If the part is unused but suffered some paint damage from an attempted install, then we’ll charge you a 25% restocking fee.  You can either ship the parts back to us at your expense, or we can generate a label for you to print and attach (we’ll deduct the cost of return postage from your refund).

We don’t accept returns after 30 days.

Will you convert my vehicle?  How much does it cost?

Thanks for thinking of us!  The short answer: Probably not.  

Think you’re the exception to the rule?  If you have a cool project, great attitude, patience, and a budget that allows you to trust the process, then go ahead and email info@Jonesys.com.

I need help on my project.  Can I talk to you on the phone about it?

No.  Occasionally we open up phone consultation appointments, but we’ve got too much going on at at the shop at the moment. 

What if I still have questions?

Send us an email at info@Jonesys.com.

But I emailed you 15 minutes ago and you never wrote back.  What gives?

We get it, your stuff is in pieces on the floor of your garage, and you want answers now.  But … we spend our days building and tinkering, and most definitely not sitting at our computer.  We do, however, return emails within 1-3 business days.

But I emailed you 4 days ago and you never wrote back.  What gives?

Check your junk mail.  Seriously.  We’re out here, you know, running a business BUT we take responding to your emails within a reasonable time frame very seriously.  

What’s your phone number?  I want to talk to Joel.

You’re in great company!  We get lots of requests each day for “just a 10 minute phone call with Joel.”

Here’s the deal: We can sell great products, many of them American-made, because we don’t have a shop open to the public, a receptionist, etc.  As a result, we do business via email.  You prefer the phone?  We get it, and we’re sorry to see you take your business elsewhere.

That said, rest assured that your emails do not go into a bottomless, never-to-be-answered pit: Our goal is always to respond to emails within 1-3 business days (check your junk mail for our response!), and if it’s at all possible, we always try to get you answers sooner than that.  We have the best customers on the Internet, hands down, and we want to do the best we can for you.